Claire Wasserman


I’m an educator, speaker, writer, podcaster, and community builder focused on helping women achieve equity in the workplace.

I’ve been named one of 100 Powerful Women by Entrepreneur Magazine and as well as Bumble’s 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers.

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“You are an incredible role model, not only for me but for millions of women! There is nothing like the unstoppable force of a woman on a mission to make a change in this world.”


What I teach:


leadership training

Goal: Help you position yourself for leadership

  1. Identify blockers that may be holding us back

  2. Let go of perfectionism

  3. Use critical feedback as a learning opportunity

  4. Create a career growth plan

  5. Build a support system

  6. Manage your manager

  7. Talk about your accomplishments

  8. Support your female colleagues

time management + productivity

Goal: Prevent burnout and maximize your time

  1. Understand your time management style

  2. Learn how to prioritize

  3. Create systems of efficiency

  4. Integrate mindfulness

  5. Set + communicate boundaries

  6. Don’t let critical feedback derail you


Goal: Give you the tools to ask for what you want

  1. View negotiating as an opportunity

  2. Understand your market value

  3. Determine your bottom line

  4. Identify + prioritize non-monetary things you can negotiate

  5. Develop a framework to tell your story

  6. Make your manager your advocate

  7. Relieve anxiety

  8. Role playing exericses

Networking 101

Goal: Grow + leverage your network for opportunities

  1. Shift your mindset

  2. Organize your network

  3. Identify key people who can help you

  4. Find allies

  5. Set up informational interviews

  6. Build a personal board of advisors

  7. Scripts to avoid small talk

how to nail the interview

Goal: Get your dream job

  1. Do your research

  2. Determine your most impressive accomplishments

  3. Tailor your story

  4. Talk about your accomplishments

  5. Identify your superpowers, i.e. soft skills

  6. Let go of Imposter Syndrome

  7. Calm your nerves

  8. Prepare for commonly asked questions

protect your energy + let go of perfectionism

Goal: Be less hard on yourself

  1. Understand where perfectionism comes from

  2. Shift your mindset

  3. Stop spiraling

  4. Prevent procrastination

  5. Combat indecision

  6. Be kind to yourself

raise money through brand partnerships

Goal: Collaborate with brands to support your initiatives

  1. Know who to pitch

  2. Create a compelling deck

  3. Determine pricing

  4. Pitching techniques

  5. Tracking system

  6. How to close

  7. Demonstrate success

  8. Bonus: How to crowdfund

my story

I’d love to share with you the Ladies Get Paid journey; how I began it and grow the community to more than 50,000 women from all 50 states and more than 100 countries.


Places I’ve spoken include:

  • Massachusetts Conference for Women

  • Philadelphia Conference for Women

  • Austin Conference for Women

  • Watermark

  • The New York Times

  • Squarespace

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • The Wing

  • American Express

  • Dropbox

  • Girlboss Rally

  • Refinery29

  • Chemours

  • Women in Cable Telecommunications

  • Flocabulary


  • MICA

  • American University

  • United Nations Foundation

  • Yelp

  • GoFundMe

  • Deutsche Bank

  • United Women in Business

  • 92nd Y

  • Tumblr

  • Women in Automotive Conference

  • Tom Tom Founders Festival

  • Rebelle Con

  • Hyperakt

  • Cucalorus Festival

  • Thrillist

  • Team One


Brands I’ve partnered with:



To celebrate the launch of Nike La Cortez x Maria Sharapova, I was selected as one of five female entrepreneurs, including Classpass founder Payal Kadakia and Away founder Jen Rubio.

  • Appeared in photo shoot

  • Participated on a panel at the launch party, alongside Maria Sharapova



Squarespace tapped me and my Ladies Get Paid co-founder to be part of their Equal Pay Day campaign.

  • Personalized illustration by Squarespace

  • Featured on Squarespace social handles

  • Appeared on Squarespace homepage

  • Produced and moderated panel at Squarespace HQ


Cole Haan x WSJ

Alongside basketball player Amar'e Stoudemire and professional surfer and philanthropist Jon Rose, my Ladies Get Paid co-founder and I were in profiled in Cole Haan’s Chasing Ambition series, featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 6.05.57 PM.png


Athleta selected me as their featured entrepreneur for their 2018 Fall collection.

  • Featured in catalogue

  • Photograph display in-store

  • Article in Well + Good

  • Featured Athleta social channels


Sally Hansen

Featured in Sally Hansen’s Shetopia campaign and rebrand.

  • Appeared in two commercials, including the voiceover

  • Featured on microsite

  • Nail polish “Get Paid” inspired by Ladies Get Paid

  • Featured on Sally Hansen social channels

use this.png

Citi x Well + Good

One of three women featured in Citi’s 2018 Financial Wellness campaign.

  • Featured in digital video

  • Included on panel held in the New York Times building

  • Featured in Well + Good article



In honor of Women’s Equality Day, JustFab selected me, alongside four other female entrepreneurs, to be featured in their Jeaniuses campaign.

  • Dedicated digital video

  • Profiled on website

  • Featured on JustFab social channels



Chosen as one of Bumble’s 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers, I participated in Bumble’s largest campaign to date.

  • Photograph displayed around New York, including Times Square

  • Featured in app

  • Invited to launch dinner

  • Included in Bumble magazine




“I'm just so grateful for the work you're doing. For the first time I feel like I have the tools and the confidence to find a great next job, and to say no to opportunities that aren't right for me or my career.”


“I wanted to say THANK YOU for our call, it really helped me find the courage to push forward with fundraising. The PDFs you shared with me have been a HUGE help in putting together our sponsorship ‘Ask’ materials!”


“The work you do to inspire women across the country to fight for what they deserve and recognize their own self-worth is incredible.”

 “I wanted to let you know that the work you do has had a huge impact on my life recently. Thank you so much for all that you do and all that you have built to help women like me!”

“I just wanted to let you know that I listened to your podcast and you have literally spoken to my soul.  You spoke to me about how to value myself and stop making myself smaller.”


“We’re so happy that our whole agency had the opportunity to participate in your encouraging workshop.  We had many ladies write us emails and pull us aside to tell us how much they enjoyed the session and how relevant it was to them.”


“You've helped provide the tools to empower me to know my worth and ask for a raise (which I got in January!).”

“I was recently asked to interview for a new job. After panicking, I purchased the ‘How to Nail the Interview"‘web class. It was so immensely helpful and gave me the confidence to walk in ready to succeed.”


“I learned SO much from all of you and went into my negotiations this time around with confidence and just pulled off an 11k raise!”